Thursday, September 2, 2010


Paleoentomology is a subject about which I know very little. That disclaimer aside, I am now going to talk about it, but not in any in depth manner. This subject comes up because yesterday I was pulling some type specimens. During this process I probably looked through a few hundred Permian fossil insects. Today I share with you one of these specimens: Dunbaria fasciipennis. This specimen is especially relevant to me and the Peabody collection for two reasons. First, it is from the Early Permian Elmo Limestone of Kansas (this is the formation I was looking through yesterday to find the type specimens). Second, it is named for one of our famous curators here in IP, Carl Dunbar.

For those of you who are curious, Dunbaria is a genus belonging to the Permian Palaeodictyoptera. This particular species has a wingspan of 3-4 cm. The pictured specimen above is the part of YPM 1002. Here is the counterpart of the same individual: 

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