Friday, October 22, 2010

Paleo-Knowledge Bowl

How do you get kids excited about science and involve them even more in current research and museum activities? A Paleo-Knowledge Bowl! Here at the Peabody, our fabulous public education and outreach program has held such an event for the last thirteen years. Kids from 4th-6th grades form teams of three. After brushing up on general paleontology trivia (always a valuable skill) and learning the year's latest paleo-news, these teams descend on the Peabody Museum for an all-day event which culminates in a final round held underneath our dinosaurs in the Great Hall. You can learn more about our event (or register a team) here.
Even smaller-scale versions of an event like this can be a great learning experience for students of any age. This is the time to let your paleo-geekiness shine through!

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