Thursday, October 13, 2011

National Fossil Day 2011

My apologies for being behind the times! It seems that National Fossil Day always falls on a Wednesday, so if you celebrated yesterday, good for you! If (like me) you missed it, go ahead and celebrate today - the fossils won't mind. Honestly, what's an extra day when you've been dead for four hundred million years?
 Here's the link to this year's winning entries in the National Park Service's art contest. And here's my favorite from the drawings:
This year's theme was "Fossils in my backyard." This lovely drawing was done by Daniel, a 12 year old from Sharon, WI. I especially love the corals encrusting the letters - very nice!

And for my mollusk-loving friends, check out the honorable mention in the 19 and up category (courtesy of H. Sherrie Shepherd in North Little Rock, AR:

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